Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Poll: new PFBL scoring category

With the 2012 fantasy baseball season nearing an end, it is a convenient time to constructively evaluate the format and scoring settings of the Percell Fantasy Baseball League.  So, in the spirit of pursuing further perfection for the greatest fantasy baseball league known to mankind, I propose the addition of a scoring category in the PFBL: blog posts.

What say you, OSITF readers?  How many points should each PFBL owner earn per blog post that they write?

How many points should a blog post be worth in the PFBL?


  1. So you are trying to find a way to win the league next year, eh?

  2. I didn't get the choice of SEVEN points!! I figured if it took 7 runs to get cheap tacos, then a blog post should be worth 7 ;-)

  3. "And after today, whether you're a goat or a hero...
    ...you're gonna make me a great story."
    - Max Mercy