Monday, October 1, 2012

See Wrigley on a dime (or two, actually)

Cubs tickets for two bits?  Nah, that's too much.
Tonight the 99-loss Chicago Cubs host the 106-loss Houston Astros.  Tickets for this epic matchup of NL Central bottom feeders are not exactly a hot item.  On StubHub, tickets for tonight's game were posted for sale at $0.19 each.

And I thought Rockpile tickets were cheap!

As of press time, it appears those 19¢ tickets have been purchased, but plenty of tickets are still available with prices starting at under a dollar.  October baseball on the northside, catch it while you can.


  1. Due to the Cubs loss tonight, the next two days you will be able to see something that hasn't happened in 50 years. Two teams playing each other that each have 100+ losses. Maybe tickets will be a dime!

  2. Well, last night the Rockies guaranteed themselves that they would not lose 100 games, but fall just short of season long expectations. Surprise, surprise.

    Last Tuesday Jonah & I purchased $2 tickets in the Pavilion to see the Cubs play the Rockies, in the rain. I would say that this goes to show Rockies fans are dumber than Cubs fans, but I think the Rockies fans were outnumbered.