Saturday, April 14, 2012

Birds Eye View

~ Maybe Coors Field is Not the Ideal Place for Starting Pitching ~

I find it best to keep a close eye on the competition, even get a birds eye view at times. This is a clip of Bloomington Baseball's Daniel Hudson warming up in the pen before last night's game.

Hudson went on to struggle, giving up 6 runs on 10 hits and 3 walks over 3 2/3 innings, while striking out 3. That effort amounted to -2.33 points.

As you can see from the score card, he was hanging in their early but had extra base hits eating him up. Then in the fourth he got singled to death.

As "The Late Bloomers'" (as one PFBL owner referred to them) owner expressed in his updated team slogan, "Collectively, my SPs are averaging 0.65 FP/inning out of the gate. Brutal!"

Perhaps it's just that the Bloomers' have had too many starting pitchers pitch at Coors Field so far this year. They gave Tim Lincecum the start on Wednesday night, and he gave up 6 runs over 2 1/3 innings, netting -2.67 fantasy points.

The only other PFBL team to have pitchers start at Coors Field so far this year is Hosmer & Record 6. While Madison (that's a girls name by the way) Bumgarner threw 7 and a third, giving up 1 run and netting a win for 16.33 points, Jhoulys Chacin only went 4 innings on April 9th, earning -2 points.

That's a total of 9.33 fantasy points over 17 and a third innings, 0.53 points per inning. Perhaps the moral of the story is don't throw your starters at Coors Field.

Here's a look at the overall fantasy points per inning for each owner (includes both SP and RP).

Left Outs 3.40
BackSliders 2.70
Bo Knows 2.21
Bizarro Royals 2.21
Hosmer & Record 61.91
Colorado TumbleWeed 1.81
Morales Low 1.80
Bloomington Baseball 1.75
One Bad Pitch 1.70
Pioneer Skies 1.52

The Left Outs are out in front of the pack with their pitching, having garnered 11 wins, 7.2 more than the league average.

It looks like the Backsliders are getting good value out of their pitching, but perhaps they don't have enough of it or perhaps the numbers are just skewed this early in the season by one 40 point Matt Cain outing.

Ok, let's see someone breakdown fantasy points overall by stadium.

UPDATE: Madison means son of Maddy, a pet form of the name Maude. It was generally a male name. However, it has become a popular name for girls in the United States, since (according to wikipedia) the 1984 movie Splash. So while Madison may also be a boys name, given that Madison Bumgarner was born in 1989, I would deduct that he must have been named after a mermaid.


  1. So, are you saying I should not throw Cahill today? Stating at Coors Field 4/15?

  2. Yesterday Hosmer & 6 witheld Chacin from his Coors Field start. He would have had 5 points in 4 innings of work.