Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Win for the Aged

Jamie Moyer tunes up his 79MPH "fastball" prior to becoming the oldest ever to win a MLB game.  Turn up the sound to hear that mitt pop - oh never mind.

Sad part is that he is the Rox best pitcher so far this year.  And that his SS's Gold Glove has turned to stone.  Two errors in this game and he has reached his total from last year in just 11 games.  STONY, we need you!  That wicket play in the 7th nearly trashed Moyer's gem, leading to 2 unearned runs.


  1. 79mph fastball? That's a bit too quick. Moyer's four seam averaged 77.17 mph last night. He threw it 21 times to rack up a whopping ZERO swinging strikes.

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  3. 79 was reportedly the fastest. Personally, 76 is what I remember seeing for one pitch on the scoreboard.