Saturday, April 21, 2012 odyssey 2012

If you're reading this blog you obviously like baseball, fantasy baseball, or someone who participates in the Percell Fantasy Baseball League. For anyone who wants to get off the bench and participate in some fantasy baseball fun, and for any PFBL owners who are looking for something else to occupy their time, I've set up a group in the fantasy game, Odyssey 2012.

The game is simple. Everyone picks an MLB team each day that they think will win. If your team loses, that's a strike. 3 strikes and you're out! Last person standing wins. The fun will start on Tuesday, April 24th.

To sign up, simply go to select 'Free - Play Now', sign up, select Join Group, Group Name is Outstanding, Password is PFBL. Up to 30 can play. I'll lock the league down on Monday night, and you'll have to lock picks before game time on Tuesday.


  1. Sounds like fun, but I'd have to choose a team EVERY day???

  2. This isn't football! :)

    Apparently you need the group id to sign up. It is 5172.

  3. Also, for anyone that plays Beat the Streak, I created a group in there called Outstanding, group id 17724. The password is Dean.