Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Picks!

Before the first regular season game (in this hemisphere) begins, I will go on the record with the following picks:

AL East - Rays
AL Central - Tigers
AL West - Angles
AL WC1 - Yankees
AL WC2 - Red Sox

NL East - Nats
NL Central - Reds
NL West - Dbacks
NL WC1 - Brewers
NL WC2 - Marlins

AL Wild Card - Yankees def. Red Sox
NL Wild Card - Brewers def. Marlins

ALDS - Rays def. Tigers; Angels def. Yankees
NLDS - Reds def. Nats; Dbacks def. Brewers

ALCS - Rays def. Angels
NLCS - Reds def. Dbacks

World Series - Rays def. Reds in 6 games
World Series MVP - Evan Longoria

AL ROY - Matt Moore
NL ROY - Nolan Arenado

AL Cy Young - James Shields
NL Cy Young - Zack Greinke

AL MVP - Albert Pujols
NL MVP - Justin Upton

Put 'em on the board!

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