Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thor's Day Thoughts

Washington Nationals manager Davey Johnson sure gives a fiery press conference!

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  1. When Davey arrived at his new office with the Nationals, he found an envelope from Jim Riggleman.

    On the envelope was a congratulatory note. Additionally it said that while thing may go smoothly at first, certainly they will deteriorate after while. At that point, open the envelope and follow the advise.

    Sure enough that's what happened. After a short honeymoon, the team was having a rough go. Davey remembered the note, and dug out the envelope. There was a note and another envelope. The note said blame me your predecessor and the heat will be off. He did that and sure enough things got better.

    Unfortunately, that strategy did not last for long. After another down turn, he opened the second envelope. There was a note and a third envelope. The note said blame the players and things will improve. He did that and sure enough it worked.

    Well that worked to a point as some players caught fire, but team chemistry was the pits. Soon the losses piled up again, the press was on his back, attendance was down (a club level ticket could be had on the club level behind the plate for under half price-been there done that), and management was furious. Davey turned to the third envelope. It said "PREPARE THREE ENVELOPES".

    Nothing mentioned what to do in case of fire!